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Zhangjiagang gstarcad machinery co., LTD., is based on "Long Guang machinery group co., LTD., east China hydraulic lubrication equipment co., LTD." as a solid backing, capital strong technical force, independent design, development, standardize the production of professional manufacturers. The company specializing in the production of manufacturing: mechanical, electric, hydraulic, telescopic, rotating and rectifying type (20/40 feet) container spreader and spare parts, container turnover, container maintenance platform, general sling clamp, metallurgy spreader, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic station, hydraulic machinery, hydraulic unloading platform. Company on the basis of introduction of foreign advanced technology independent research and development of new container spreader "over", integrating "lifting, and discharge", to save time, reduce dust, effective prevention and control of fog haze, reduce cost increase efficiency significantly, reasonable design, novel structure, convenient maintenance, reliable quality, favored by users. Company is located in China's jiangsu province zhangjiagang economic and technological development zone, close to the Yangtze river port, the beijing-shanghai G2 expressway, shanghai-nanjing high-speed, high-speed along the Yangtze river, S19 / S82 round high-speed, 204 national road, land, sea and air transport the geographical position is superior, the traffic is very convenient. The company can design and manufacture non-standard suspenders, fixtures, hydraulic products, etc., and provide excellent service according to the user's needs.
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